Many dream of preserving their youth and living forever, but tech mogul Bryan Johnson is determined to turn that dream into a reality. Employing extensive lifestyle adjustments, Johnson has made a substantial investment toward achieving eternal youth, including slowing down on the road to increase his chances of immortality. 

After getting his start in tech and selling his Venmo/Braintree company to PayPal, Johnson found himself astronomically richer to a staggering $300 million. With abundant finances and resources, he set out to reinvent himself entirely. 

The centimillionaire’s mission involves attempting to defeat death. Harnessing his knowledge of technology, Johnson created an AI algorithm that processes his body’s data and develops a customized regimen designed to restore his youth.

At 46 years old, Johnson is already ahead of the game. According to his team of over 30 doctors, his body resembles that of a 30-year-old in terms of bone health and a 37-year-old in heart condition. Despite these noteworthy reports, Johnson intends to de-age even more, with the ultimate goal of obtaining the physical attributes of an 18-year-old. Johnson loyally follows the AI algorithm’s meticulously crafted intense daily regimen to achieve this.

Johnson’s transformative journey also comes with a curious twist regarding driving. He firmly believes that driving is the most challenging activity we engage in daily. To mitigate this risk, he adopts an unconventional approach when he takes the wheel of his electric Audi during his 20-minute commute through Los Angeles. While electric vehicles are known for their impressive acceleration, Johnson prefers to embrace the opposite extreme, sometimes driving as slowly as 16 mph.

Johnson’s mantra, “Driving is the most dangerous thing we do,” echoes in his mind each time he embarks on his slow-paced journey. It’s a decision that might puzzle many, given his dedication to pushing the boundaries of human existence. Yet, he clings to the wheel, potentially determined to retain some control over his daily commute.

Johnson’s far-from-ordinary routine also includes consuming meals that consist solely of pureed vegetables and seeds. He also strictly adheres to an 11 a.m. curfew for his last meal of the day. The tech mogul ingests over 100 supplements daily, avoids sunlight exposure, eliminates all junk food and indulgences, refrains from small talk, and even bans television from his life. These choices are all made to equip him not just to live a long life but potentially to live forever.

The millionaire firmly believes that he can reverse the aging process and eliminate death—a notion that has been met with skepticism by the medical community. By implementing these practices and AI advancements in his life, Johnson intends to be a groundbreaking pioneer of humanity, making death a distant memory for the human race through the ever-evolving combination of man and machine.

As Bryan Johnson continues his quest to challenge the concept of mortality, his unconventional choices demonstrate the extremes to which some will go in their pursuit of immortality. Nothing can deter Johnson’s relentless pursuit of everlasting life.