With the launch of new in-flight menus created by some of the most renowned names in French cuisine, Air France is poised to improve the gastronomic experience for its patrons. Departing from Paris in April 2024, diners can anticipate delectable delicacies handpicked by world-class chefs, ensuring a culinary adventure to remember.

The cuisine of triple-starred French chefs Glenn Viel and Arnaud Lallement will be served to guests in the La Première and Business cabins, respectively. Renowned pastry chefs Philippe Rigollot and Nina Métayer will be participating in this culinary adventure. Meanwhile, one-starred chef Frédéric Simonin’s culinary creations will please visitors in the Premium Economy cabin.

These chefs work closely with Servair, a top supplier of in-flight catering services, and are dedicated to utilizing seasonal, regional products that capture the spirit of French cooking. Focusing on responsible catering, Air France makes sure that fish is responsibly acquired from fisheries after departure from Paris, and that all meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs on each menu are French. Vegetarian alternatives are also easily accessible on every flight, in all cabin classes.

Passengers traveling in the La Première cabin will be treated to a gourmet expedition specially designed by Glenn Viel, who is renowned for his creative fusion of Provençal and Breton culinary traditions. Twelve standout items on Viel’s menu include guinea chicken topped with a crispy zucchini mosaic and caramelized onion compote, sea bream filet with fondant potatoes and lemon sauce, and Mediterranean bread with preserved peppers and rosemary. Philippe Rigollot’s assortment of sweet desserts accompanies these savory treats, guaranteeing a wonderful conclusion to the meal.


In charge of the Business class, Arnaud Lallement provides guests with a modern, fine dining experience imbued with sentimentality. Lallement’s menu has nine culinary concoctions, including shrimp and crab ravioli with Brittany curry sauce, creamy eggplant with red pepper coulis, and polenta atop stir-fried veggies. While all is going on, Nina Métayer enchants customers with her delectable dessert creations, which include coconut lime mango slices and slices of caramel, hazelnut, and velvety dark chocolate.

Savor the delectable delicacies prepared by Frédéric Simonin, who uses the best local French products to create his masterful creations, in the Premium Economy cabin. With dishes like micro scallops with citrus sauce and tapioca pearls and peas with savory spinach and caramelized pearl onions, Simonin’s menu promises to treat travelers in this cabin class to a unique gastronomic experience.

Air France expands its culinary prowess outside of Paris by collaborating with internationally recognized chefs. The airline is committed to providing a taste of French cuisine around the world, and passengers leaving from a few destinations, the United States, Canada, the French West Indies, Réunion Island, and Singapore, will be able to savor signature dishes prepared by esteemed chefs.

Air France has been investing in modernizing its fleet to include more fuel-efficient aircraft and exploring alternative fuels to reduce emissions. Additionally, the airline is implementing measures to improve fuel efficiency during flights, such as optimizing flight routes and improving aircraft maintenance procedures.

With the help of these new in-flight meals designed by renowned French chefs, Air France is continuing to reinvent the aviation dining experience by providing customers with a sophisticated and flavorful voyage.