Leonardo Farkas, a Chilean Jewish millionaire, reportedly pledged two million Chilean pesos (approximately $2,230) to a 92-year-old homeless woman. According to reports, the donation, which Farkas announced on X—formerly known as Twitter—was gifted to the recipient to improve her quality of life.

Considered a colorful figure with a creative philanthropic spirit, Farkas reached millions of social media followers after posting a photo that touched his heart. The picture was of a 92-year-old homeless woman with a line of homemade handbags she sells along a sidewalk. Making an incredibly generous offer, Farkas reportedly pledged to deposit two million Chilean pesos, saying, “Please find her and tell her where I can deposit 2 million to improve her life.” The heartfelt message quickly gained immense attention across multiple social media platforms.

However, Farkas did not limit his message to reflect only the woman in the post. In addition to the heartwarming gesture, Farkas took the time to express some serious concerns about the current state of his native country. He wrote, “My country is fabulous. While politicians continue to divide people with unresolved issues from the past [without a solution].” The ironic and poignant message was well-received by his followers. Farkas added, “Young people become millionaires with ‘Foundations,’ and elderly people are on the streets working until they die.” The second part of the message echoes the disparity between elderly citizens who struggle to make ends meet and young millionaires who claim to support charitable foundations.

As a prominent philanthropist and businessman renowned for generous donations to needy individuals and other charitable causes, Farkas is qualified to speak out against the injustices. His philanthropic efforts include educational initiatives, disaster relief, and financial support for people facing hardships. At 56 years old, Farkas’ generosity has made him a notable figure in Chilean society, as his history of philanthropic endeavors is extensive.

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In addition to his latest generosity, Farkas recently visited the Kotel in Jerusalem, where he notably handed out several $100 bills to needy people. His visit to the Western Wall square in the Old City of Jerusalem was done under heavy security and garnered much attention. Farkas was featured in the Jerusalem Post after one in attendance recognized the millionaire, and a crowd gathered around him. Farkas reportedly pulled out a wad of bills and began handing out money to the people, one $100 bill at a time. These acts of generosity are why his most recent efforts to help a homeless woman are no surprise, particularly to those familiar with him.

As the son of two Hungarian Jews who emigrated from Transylvania to South America in 1939, Farkas has shown a deep dedication to charitable causes throughout his life. Farkas has built a well-founded reputation for many years as a philanthropist and generous benefactor. In the past, Farkas donated hundreds of millions of pesos to a fundraising campaign for disabled children, showing his never-ending kindness and compassion for others.