Larger homes that feature stunning architecture in great locations that are filled with luxury activities have become more desirable among potential home buyers across the globe. As homes that represent success, achievement, and prestige, it is little wonder why these homes are significantly valued. For prospective home buyers, a life of luxury has opened its doorway in Napa Valley, California, with a spacious, modern home with all the trimmings that features a “Hobby Vineyard” for those who have an interest in living out an “I Love Lucy” experience, complete with all the joy and laughter.

The estate, ready to welcome new residents, was built in 2022. Spanning 6,000 square feet, it includes a principal residence and guesthouse that offers five bedrooms, a home theater, space for those who work from home, and a spa area with a hot tub for those ready to relax after the daily grind. The modern architectural reflections exemplify pragmatic designs, a “less is more” atmosphere that will be a joy for any new homeowner to live in.  

Those seeking rest and relaxation or to host family and friends will enjoy the grandness of the estate’s outdoor amenities. With an open-floor, indoor living space, this luxury home features an outdoor terrace with a kitchen and bar area that fills up one acre of this impressive property. Known for warm summer days, there is a swimming pool area to enjoy on beautiful summer days.

A stand-out feature of this luxurious estate is the “hobby vineyard,” an amenity perfect for anyone seeking to grow their grape-growing skills. While “hobby vineyard” does not have an official definition, many estate agents define the amenity to denote properties where grape-growing or wine operations do not always, or have to, produce a profit. Those purchasing estates featuring hobby vineyards often do so to fulfill passion projects rather than profit play. The value of his feature is found in the opportunity to experience the vineyard lifestyle; the idea of producing a bottle of wine with their own hands, directly connecting with personal passions, can be intriguing and accomplishing. Perhaps, you may find joy in going so far as putting your name on your personally produced wine bottle. 

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According to the estate’s listing agent, Ginger Martin of Sotheby’s International Realty’s St. Helena brokerage, the hobby vineyard is relatively small but highlights 100 Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Yet, this amenity is an inspirational beauty, primarily because of this grape variety’s popularity across the Napa Valley vineyard region. 

Potential home buyers preferring to venture away from home for a drink and fine dining may enjoy the estate’s great location and plenty of nearby tasty options. Offering a variety of food and wine options to locals, the estate is situated at 1170 Darms Lane, just off of Highway 29. The surrounding area features tasting room visits and many opportunities to enjoy a fine bottle of wine on a terrace during a pleasant summer evening. For a delectable dinner, the famous, three Michelin-star restaurant, The French Laundry, based in Yountville, is just under 10 minutes away by car. In the opposite direction, downtown Napa can be reached in the same amount of time. 

This luxury estate, asking price of 9.95m, is just one of the latest impressive homes to pop up for sale in Napa wine country.