Escaping your everyday routine doesn’t require a trip around the world. For those looking for relaxation, rejuvenation, and physical and mental wellness, a day at the spa offers significant benefits like reducing pain and stress, lowering blood pressure, creating healthy, glowing skin, manifesting confidence, and boosting self-esteem. Located in a once-abandoned parking lot, World Spa stands in a class of its own. It is a wellness sanctuary in the Big Apple that is a vessel for experiences from different corners of the globe.  

This mega-spa expands across 50,000 square feet in Brookie is the culmination of hard work and big dreams from principals at Brooklyn-based BK Developers. World Spa’s founders spent nearly a decade on this unique passion project, transforming a deserted concrete landscape into a massive, international bathhouse. But BK knew they couldn’t do this alone. In 2018, the real estate and investment company joined forces with another major player in NYC real estate, RYBAK Development, a construction and management firm, adding more capacity to handle this large-scale project. 

The two companies were jointly focused on ensuring complete and total authenticity in World Spa’s design, living up to its name. This spa required the sourcing and importing of many building materials and equipment directly from their cultural sources. Walking throughout this wellness oasis, you can absorb the rich details of the handmade Moroccan and Turkish tiles that enhance the richness of the hammams, a Turkish-style steam bath. Inhaling the scent of kelo wood, an aroma known to relax the mind, is used in the design of authentic banyas and Finnish saunas so you can release your worries. World Spa’s founders sought out genuine materials from around the world, with their equipment imported from leading European manufacturers who are masters in helping create the most luxurious wellness experiences. 

Your spa journey can include expert massages, revitalizing facials, body scrub treatments, and other signature experiences that will immerse you in pure indulgence. At World Spa, you won’t find common oils and gentle hands to help you relax from the daily grind. World Spa offers signature massages like their Taiga Candle Massage, welcoming your senses to enjoy the essence of a tranquil forest while watching the soothing flame flicker down into a velvety massage oil used to caress your skin. 

In semi-private cabanas, superb alternatives to body massages, foot therapies, and facials can be found, as well as cryo treatments that tackle chronic pain and create a more youthful glow. Beyond treatments potentially found in other spas, you can discover more foreign treatments like venik platza, a Russian bathing ritual that involves specialists continually applying a fragrant bundle of juniper, eucalyptus, and tree leaves soaked in warm water to your body. 

But World Spa offers something to appeal to all the senses. At its BIRCH & OAK Members Club, you can feast on international craft cocktails and tapas, embracing all the decadence that this spa has to offer.

World Spa is a social wellness lounge incorporating spa experiences from cultures around the globe. While this bathhouse is comfortably large, filling three floors with spa experiences from cultures around the world, it is still welcoming and warm, offering intimate solo and bonding experiences.