Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. announced a new venture from its subsidiary, Algodon Wine Estates, with the launch of its vineyard home rental program. With this initiative, Algodon Wine Estates’ private homeowners can list their luxury vineyard homes for rent through the estate’s hospitality portal for long- or short-term stays.

The first stunning home featured in this program is Casa Gaucho, a spectacular 6,000-square-foot villa. The estate—the residence of the company’s founder—is surrounded by a historic 1946 Malbec vineyard and a 12-acre olive grove. Its location overlooks the 9th hole of the estate’s golf course. It offers inspiring views and a suite of luxurious amenities, including galleries, a private pool, and an exclusive underground wine cellar with a private dining area. The gorgeous view of both the vineyards and the Andes beyond makes this location a stunning place where visitors can sit back, relax, and enjoy the awe-inspiring natural wonders of Argentina, all while doing so in luxury and style. 

Their website states that the design of their hotel wine Casona and lodge were “inspired by the traditional Argentine estancia” and that each offers “warm and comfortable accommodations,” as well as access to “wraparound outdoor patios with delightful vineyard views.” The country galleries open into a revitalizing swimming pool and courtyard where guests can lounge and enjoy handcrafted, estate-grown wines. Their combination of classic and superior suite offerings on their properties ensures that anyone visiting has a stay of not just a year but a lifetime.

The CEO and Founder of Gaucho Group Holdings, Scott Matthis, said that the launch of their vineyard “marks a significant milestone in their journey,” which not only enhances the value proposition for their real estate owners but offers unique luxury experiences. 

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The company’s presence in Argentina, established in 2007 with a diversified portfolio, has positioned itself to capitalize on the investment opportunities in the region. They say they are excited to set new luxury real estate and resort living market benchmarks.

Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc.’s mission for the past ten years has been to source and develop opportunities in Argentina’s undervalued luxury real estate and consumer marketplace. They have positioned themselves to take advantage of the continuous and speedy growth of the global e-commerce market. They aim to become a leader in luxury goods and experiences in pursued lifestyle industries and retail landscapes. They concentrate on fine wines, hospitality, and luxury real estate in association with their proprietary Algodon brand. They also work in leather goods, ready-to-wear, and accessories of the Gaucho Buenos Aeries™ fashion brands, where Argentina finds its contemporary expression. 

At Algodon Wine Estates, your enjoyment and experience are their ultimate goals. Whether you’re going on a group outing, as a romantic couple, or even just arriving for the experience, Algodon Wine Estates offers only the best for those who visit.