Jim Jones, an iconic figure in the hip-hop world, has set out on a groundbreaking venture, joining forces with Luè Jade to revolutionize the wine and spirits industry. Luè Cognac and Jade Sparkling Wine proudly declare their exclusive partnership with Jim Jones as the brand ambassador for these two exceptional brands. The collaboration capitalizes on Jim Jones’ iconic status while aligning seamlessly with Luè Jade’s commitment to guilt-free luxury, quality, and affordability.

Bringing a wealth of experience and market insight, Jim Jones, with his successful track record in the spirits industry, is set to elevate Luè Cognac and Jade Sparkling Wine to unprecedented heights. Having played a crucial role in achieving over 68,000 cases in sales through his previous partnership with Sizzurp Liquor, Jones is not only a seasoned professional but also a charismatic figure known for connecting with audiences. His influential presence and extensive network make him the perfect ambassador to represent Luè Jade brands.

David Buer, CEO of Luè Jade, expresses the company’s excitement about this collaboration, stating that Luè Jade is ecstatic to welcome Jim Jones to the family as its brand ambassador. With his unparalleled success in the industry and resonance with consumers, Buer believes Jim Jones is the perfect partner to represent the brand. Together, they are poised to redefine the wine and spirits industry. Luè Jade, founded by David Buer, Eli Kiperman, Dmitriy Pusilnik, and David Kalusetsky, collectively offers more than 50 years of experience in managing globally recognized brands, amassing over 1 million cases in sales worldwide. Their commitment to excellence and deep market insights position Luè Jade as a dominant force in the field. 

The partnership between Jim Jones and Luè Jade marks a significant milestone, promising to reshape the standards of taste, sophistication, and affordability in the wine and spirits sector. Luè Cognac, with options starting at $24.99 for the VS and $29.99 for the VSOP, and Jade Sparkling Wine, ranging from $11.99 to $14.99, provide an attractive price range for consumers seeking premium quality. 

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Luè Cognac and Jade Sparkling Wine have significantly impacted key markets, including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C., South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Exceeding over 30,000 cases in sales over the last three years, Luè Jade is set for rapid national expansion, targeting all major markets within the next 12 months. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including Republic National Distribution Company and Simone International, ensure a robust distribution network for Luè Jade products. 

Jim Jones, a Hip Hop Icon, Television Star, Entrepreneur, and Entertainment Mogul, has a significant social media following. He is dedicated to various humanitarian efforts, displaying his commitment to giving back to the inner-city youth community through VAMP Cares. Luè Jade is a visionary powerhouse in the wine and spirits arena, driven by a passion for creating exceptional brands. The Luè Jade team has a proven track record of success, consistently delivering products that exceed expectations. Jim Jones and Luè Jade are poised to revolutionize the wine and spirits industry globally with their fruitful collaboration.