The premium Cannagar, or cannabis cigar, has announced its arrival in New York. It is manufactured by Made in Xiaolin, a prestigious cannabis company known for its artisanal, hand-rolled goods, which has been a household name in the well-established Colorado market since 2018. Made in Xiaolin is going back to its roots by bringing its expertly produced, premium hand-rolled cannabis products to the rapidly expanding adult-use market in New York.

One of the more uncommon ways for people to consume cannabis is a Cannagar, a cigar that contains cannabis. People usually use Cannagars for special occasions, as they are fairly difficult to find and often heftier than the alternative ways to consume marijuana. Made in Xiaolin wants to be the premier brand when people consider smoking a Cannagar.

“We’re proud to bring our bespoke, craft Cannagars to New York consumers,” said Christopher Louie, co-founder of Made in Xiaolin. “Bringing our brand to New York’s legal market has been a dream from the start. We know our high-end, hand-rolled products will elevate New Yorkers’ cannabis experience by extending the elite, shared experience of smoking a celebratory cigar into the world of cannabis consumption.”

The launch of Made in Xiaolin into the thriving New York cannabis market highlights the company’s achievements, which have been made possible by important local collaborations like A-Train and UrbanXtracts.


“We don’t pick our partners on a whim. They have to align with our values and vision, and thankfully we’ve been able to secure some strong partners right out of the gate,” explained Chris. “It’s been great to be able to reconnect with the community in a now-legitimate market, all while working out of my father’s office in Chinatown, where I grew up.”

The Cannagar, the first Made in Xiaolin product to grace the shelves of New York dispensaries, is crafted specifically for the city’s esteemed hospitality scene. It promises an unparalleled, opulent cannabis cigar experience that burns for two to three hours, depending on its size.

Made in Xiaolin has transformed the hand-rolled cannabis product sector with its opulent Cannagar and other high-end artisan goods, such as smokable sculptural art, thanks to its uncompromising dedication to innovation and creativity. The New York market will soon be able to purchase these. Ten dispensaries in New York, including Conbud, Happy Days, Strain Stars, and others, presently carry the cannabis and are still adding more. For further information, go to

Made in Xiaolin is a high-end, upscale cannabis company known for its innovative product lines that are motivated by experience and always pushing the envelope. The Colorado-based company was founded in 2018 and is well-known for both its unique line of hand-rolled goods and its unshakable commitment to creating outstanding cannabis products with unmatched originality and integrity. Every Made in Xiaolin product exhibits the craftsmanship of the company’s close-knit staff of dedicated creatives, who have led the shift from legacy to legal markets in Colorado, New York, and beyond. Crafted in Xiaolin with painstaking attention to detail, each puff is guaranteed to be an upgraded experience.