Jessica Alba had a night out with her girls, and they took having fun seriously. The $390M actress was not messing around; she was there to make a statement. The actress acted as if she was no stranger to the blackjack table, making the most out of her time in Las Vegas while enjoying the type of high-quality excitement that she worked so hard to earn. 

Looking gorgeous as usual, the esteemed actress was out to redefine what 42 looks like. She stepped out to the Park MGM Hotel in Las Vegas Saturday night for a night she would not forget, no matter the price. 

Alba took to gambling unapologetically with her notoriously classy demeanor, making it look effortless. Adorned in a tough yet luxuriously soft-looking black leather jacket and sporting hair draped with delicate curls, she was looking her best, as always is to be expected of an actress of her caliber. 

She showcased expensive attire and accessories attesting to her refined taste. Instead of hiding and isolating as some celebrities must, Alba put aside shame and potential judgment and went out for fun. Despite what some might feel about the somewhat controversial topic of gambling, she put the haters behind major moves and took to the table without holding back. The actress from Some Kind Of Beautiful sat at the blackjack table in style, accompanied by close friends who were just as ready to have a memorable evening. 

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The multi-millionaire showed other members of her tax bracket how having fun is done. While there is no precise figure on exactly how much money they lost or won, it was clear Alba prioritized the value of the experience over the value of those green pieces of paper. She was prepared to party with $1,000 chips, ready to say ‘hit me’ when inspiration struck. 

Alba and her stack of yellow chips were not leaving without satiating their need to live at the limit, pushing energy and assets across the table when the time was right. While some hoard their wealth, Alba posed an example of someone concerned with worth instead of worth over wealth, which is exemplary behavior in our books. 

We know Alba from a slew of historic wins in the entertainment industry, her sweet demeanor, and her Honest beauty line. Let’s face it; few have not heard of Jessica Alba, and it is understandable why. From her talents in dancing and acting to her appearance, she catered to the entertainment needs of the public for quite some time. The actress earned the right to live it up, and she certainly did!

We will keep an eye on Jessica Alba as she continues enjoying life at its fullest with her husband of 15 years, Cash Warren. Her loyal following will keep up with her on every relevant social media platform. Until the next notable outing, we will take a page out of her book and incorporate more joy into our lives, whether it costs a buck or a bit more.