Acquiring curated art collections has become a prominent trend for luxury homebuyers seeking to enhance property purchases. Los Angeles realtor Paul Lester champions the value of making significant artwork an eye-catching feature within the upscale homes he sells. The blend of high-end art with luxury living has proven to add a competitive edge to the real estate market. 

Lester is a seasoned pro when it comes to harnessing the power of art within properties. His strategy first proved lucrative over a decade ago when he expertly turned a Beverly Hills property viewing into an art opening. Giving prospective buyers a multifaceted experience, they were invited to both view the home and appreciate the art displayed inside. That unique tactic paid off, as both the property and individual artworks sold at a premium. 

Currently, Lester’s career has led him to sell several new-build luxury homes in the high-end Beverly Hills area. The homes, which are known as The Houses at 8899 Beverly, are works of art themselves, designed by the renowned architecture firm Olson Kundig. With a price point starting at around $5 million, the homes feature captivating art collections curated in collaboration with Creative Art Partners.  The art and designer furniture aren’t just staging pieces as they are also available for purchase, offering buyers an opportunity to easily access fine art and instantly enhance their space. 

David Knowles, founder of the British art consultancy Artelier, plays a notable role in this process. Understanding the importance of selecting art that genuinely complements the home’s interior, art is commissioned by gifted artists to create pieces that fit the specific dimensions and aesthetic of each property. 

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The approach aligns with Knowles’s mission to infuse homes with art that appeals to a broad audience while still maintaining unique distinction. Paying homage to the location of each home, the art selected for these properties often has a connection to the local area. Pieces are selected to harmoniously match or compellingly contrast the home design and add a splash of personality to the space. 

Simplicity is a highly sought-after element of the home buying process and properties that already come with complementing art are becoming an increasingly popular selling point for buyers who desire a complete, ready-to-live-in package. According to Lester many clients prefer to buy properties where the art and furniture are interlaced into the home’s aesthetic, increasing the convenience, cohesiveness, and chicness of the living environment. 

The integration of art into real estate transactions also creates additional marketing opportunities. Lester plans to highlight the artists involved in the projects, using their stories to add another layer to the home’s essence. This strategy achieves double-duty results by promoting the property while also elevating its cultural value, attracting discerning buyers who appreciate both luxury and art. In London, the trend is gaining traction as well. Developers are keen to appeal to international buyers seeking vacation homes in the city. 

These collaborations between artists, developers, and buyers help to bridge the gap between two different worlds, bringing exceptional art into luxury real estate. Lester points out that the value of the art in some properties can even surpass the value of the home itself. Offering curated art collections as part of the purchase, realtors like Paul Lester continue to create unique, elevated experiences for buyers.