In an extraordinary twist of fate, a Sumatra, Indonesia resident experienced the literal realization of the Hindi adage signifying unexpected blessings when a meteorite plummeted through his roof, catapulting him to millionaire status overnight. The fortunate recipient of this cosmic windfall was a modest coffin maker, Josua Hutagalung. With the sale of this astronomical rarity, Josua’s financial trajectory experienced a significant shift, potentially allowing him the luxury to retire from his chosen profession.

Aged 33, Josua Hutagalung was engrossed in his work outside his residence one August day when an explosive sound and accompanying tremors startled him. A space rock had just pierced the tin covering of his verandah. Rushing to the site, he was astounded to discover a meteorite, which, to his surprise, emitted warmth as he attempted to lift it.

Relaying the dramatic turn of events to Indonesia’s Kompas newspaper, Josua emphasized the sheer intensity of the incident, recounting how the loud noise had made his entire home vibrate.

But what makes this meteorite so uniquely invaluable? Estimated to be around 4.8 billion years old, the extraterrestrial rock consisted of a scarce substance. Such is the rarity that the material can command a staggering price of 645 pounds for a mere gram. And Josua’s fortuitous find? It weighed in at an impressive 2.1 kilograms.

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Seizing the moment, Josua took to Facebook to share his incredible discovery with the world. His post, which roughly translates to “Suddenly a black stone fell from the sky. It was startling… Whatever it is. Hopefully, it’s a good sign for our family, ” garnered considerable attention.

This celestial event did not escape the eyes of astute collectors. Recognizing the meteorite’s potential value, U.S.-based enthusiast Jared Collins approached Josua with an offer. Although Josua remained tight-lipped about the precise figure he was compensated, whispers in the grapevine suggest the sum to exceed 1 million pounds (approximately Rs 9.8 crore).

Indeed, the universe’s mysterious ways of bestowing luck and fortune can sometimes leave one astounded. For Josua Hutagalung, the sky presented a golden opportunity, altering the course of his life most unexpectedly.