Luxury jewelry brand David Yurman has announced a series of five campaigns featuring model and actress Iris Law as well as model Fei Fei Sun. The campaigns will be conducted throughout the year. The first two projects, which will debut in spring, will focus on the Sculpted Cable and Modern Cable collections, which are two of David Yurman’s most renowned collections.

“When envisioning our campaigns, we always look to the arts for inspiration,” says Evan Yurman. “Whether it be the creative instincts of our artisans, the brand’s history rooted in art and sculpture, or talent that captives us with their individuality.”

“Jewelry is an amazing way to express myself and my individuality, and it feels natural to work with a brand you already love and look up to,” said Iris.

Fei Fei shared similar feelings: “I think it is important to be true to yourself and let your individuality shine through.”

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Evan shared his excitement about working with the two models. “Iris and Fei Fei are unique and authentic in their work, inspiring their fans and followers through their passions, self-expression, and beauty.”

The campaigns are directed by the Durimel Brothers and styled by Carlos Nazario, both taking place near Los Angeles and telling a story about women creating their path through life.

The Sculpted Cable campaign is photographed by Tyrone Lebon and set in the hills of Santa Monica. Iris and Fei Fei are pictured in Sculpted Cable bracelets, showing decisive lives that “carve their own path,” a play on both the carving of unique jewelry designs and carving out a distinctive and fulfilling life.

“Sculpted Cable is all about being independent and carving your own path,” said Fei Fei, “Which is why I love wearing it and why I love working with David Yurman.”

The Modern Cable campaign was shot in Bar Marmont, Los Angeles. This campaign shows the models in happy, playful moments, highlighting liberated and free spirits. It captures the emotion of Modern Cable’s innovative updates on the classic cable bracelet designs, displaying youth and brilliance.

“It’s so exciting to be working with David Yurman. It is uniquely timeless and modern, and I love that I can wear pieces of the collection together,” said Iris.

The legacy of the David Yurman brand is one that mixes visual styles and artistic passions. Founded by David Yurman, a sculptor, alongside his wife, Sybil, a painter and ceramicist, the heart of their collaboration was the simple impetus to wear artistic beauty. Their son, Evan Yurman, has inherited this legacy and leads the company today. The company’s goal remains to create artistic beauty inspired by mixing artistic trends and aesthetics.

The two spring campaigns featuring Iris Law and Fei Fei Sun, along with the others that will follow throughout the year, have been carefully planned to display these inspired aesthetics. To Evan, the artistic sensibilities of the models are an essential part of the campaign. “It’s a pleasure to welcome them into the David Yurman family and to see our jewelry come to life through the creative lens of such talented individuals.”

The Sculpted Cable campaign will be the first to launch, beginning on March 4. Campaigns featuring the Modern Cable, Madison, Stax + Crossover, Lexington, Amulets, and Elements collections will start later in the year.