In an unprecedented move, over 200 millionaires worldwide have earnestly implored global leaders and business moguls gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum (WEF) to consider implementing measures to moderate extreme affluence. Their solution? Tax the super-rich to alleviate the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

This collective identifies itself as the ‘Patriotic Millionaires,’ It describes its members as “high-net-worth Americans deeply troubled by the escalating inequality in America.” Their unambiguous message to the world’s leaders is: “Tax us, the ultra-wealthy, immediately” to aid the average household.

Their concern emanates from what they perceive as inaction by global elites. In an open letter unveiled on Wednesday, they expressed their apprehensions: “The inactivity is alarming. An elite global congregation in Davos discussing ‘collaboration in a divided world’ holds no significance if it doesn’t address the primary sources of societal discord.”

They further stressed the immediate need for tangible actions to promote equitable economies, warning against the perils of deferring this issue for future generations. Their resounding message was to confront excessive wealth head-on and to introduce tax regulations on the exceedingly wealthy.

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The letter, bearing signatures from millionaires across 13 nations, sheds light on the widening economic chasm. It highlights the increasing wealth concentration amongst the ultra-rich over the past half-century, juxtaposed against the financial tribulations of those less fortunate, who grapple daily to satisfy basic needs.

Narrating the socioeconomic landscape of the past 50 years, they remarked, “The past decades have solely seen wealth gravitating upwards. Recent years have only amplified this disparity… The remedy is glaringly evident. It is incumbent upon you, our international delegates, to levy taxes on us, the supremely affluent. The time for this is now.”

They also articulated societal tensions from this inequality, emphasizing the unsustainable strain it places on communities. “Societal endurance has limits. How often can parents bear the anguish of seeing their offspring deprived of food while the elite ponders over their escalating fortunes? Addressing this now is economically prudent and a societal imperative.”

A recent Oxfam report further bolsters their call to action. The study unveiled that the globe’s wealthiest 1% have accrued nearly two-thirds of the new global wealth over the preceding two years. This translates to a staggering $26 trillion of the $42 trillion generated in this timeframe.

In essence, these millionaires are challenging global leaders to adopt proactive measures against the rising tide of wealth inequality. They argue that the imperative of addressing this issue now far outweighs the consequences of inaction in the future.